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Now this is more like it! A gaming title which feels at home on a mobile device, that takes into account the nature of modern gameplay, with smart looking graphics and an easy to use and understand control system. There's even enough tactics to make the game more than a 'follow the level designer's obvious route' to victory.

Yes, I rather like Spy Mouse.

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How much? Let's find out.

Shall we start with an awkward area for some , and the availability of Spy Mouse. It's a Nokia exclusive title, so although you might be able to see it in the Windows Store, don't try to download it for your HTC or Samsung Windows Phone, its not going to happen. As it stands just now, the same is true of Windows Phone 8 devices, as Spy Mouse is one of the applications that is having issues with WP7 and WP8 compatibility.

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Now we've mentioned them, let's put them aside and move on to Spy Mouse itself. This is a game that stands out on its own, although there is a certain heritage on show.

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Developed by Firemint, there are echoes of one of their previous successful titles. Yes, Flight Control's line-drawing based movement is the main control interface here in Spy Mouse. Backing up, your goal is to steer the titular rodent around a house, picking up cheese, and escaping back to your main mouse hole before the cast of cats catch up with you. Now if you took a thin piece of smokey transparent black plexiglass and thermo-formed an inconspicuous looking window, it probably never be noticed.

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Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. Maybe, just maybe the opening on the bottom of the mouse could be used as the aperature for the camera.

New Nokia exclusives appear on Xbox for Windows Phone 7: Spy Mouse and Trivial Pursuit

A small thin mirror could help bounce the image farther back into the hollow space of the mouse where there is room for the camera. Can you make an video instructable, coz i got a vga camera only camera and chord , and want to put it into good use. But unless you have it unnaturally propped up on something, you're taking pictures of the ceiling or up someone's nose.

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